Class constructor cs cannot be invoked without 'new'

Hello there,

I was trying to use the aframe-websurface component to display webpages in the VR environment. It seems to throw this script error, which, I think is related to THREE.DoubleSide function. The complete error can be found below:

Error: Uncaught TypeError: Class constructor cs cannot be invoked without ‘new’


Minimal example to reproduce the error: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Can anybody suggest a workaround to fix this, please?


You’re linking to some fork of threejs it looks like? Is /supermedium/three.js your domain?

A-Frame Version: 1.4.2 (Date 2023-04-22, Commit #4e521f1f)
?editor_console=:57 THREE Version (GitHub - supermedium/three.js: JavaScript 3D library.): ^0.147.1
?editor_console=:57 WebVR Polyfill Version: ^0.10.12

Try using latest threejs from the threejs repo or sanctioned CDN, or maybe take it up with the aframe folks.

The error you’re seeing is pretty inscrutible. …

side: THREE.DoubleSide is totally normal usage and shouldn’t generate errors unless you’re using something non-standard… either aframe or “supermedium/three.js”