Character Animation in the Editor, Code needed please?

Hello everyone, I have downloaded a character with animation from Miximo, (FBX format)
It imported into the editor perfectly. I see it in the workspace with bones visible.

I am not a coder, so could someone be so kind as to tell me what code I can add to the script window in the Editor in order to get my charter’s animation to play?

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! :upside_down_face:

If you select the root object of your imported FBX asset, it should be possible to playback the animation over the editor’s UI. When importing the soldier model from webgl_animation_skinning_blending, the following section appears in the OBJECT tab when selecting the model’s root object.



Haha I am not sure how I missed that. Thank you, pressing Play works perfectly!

Can I ask is there a way to add a second animation to this list?

The list only shows the animations which are already present in the FBX asset. Besides, there is no way to author animations in the editor, yet.

I was just about to guess that… That the animation are stored in the FBX file. So if the FBX file had several animations I would see them in the dropdown?

Yes, correct.

Can I change the speed of the animation in the script window? Or would that be considered authoring

No, I wouldn’t say changing the playback speed is related to authoring. However, the UI is currently very basic and does not allow to control this value (the timeScale property of the editor’s internal animation mixer).

If the FBX model has 3 different animations, can the timeScale be adjust for each animation, or is timeScale a single value for 3 of the animations

In general, timeScale can be individually changed for each animation action.

PR :tada:

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