Change value of animation and automatically animate to the updated position

I have an animated 3d model (with Blender) and i want to visualize it with three.js.
The model does its animation but without interaction with the model. It animates just as an animation clip.
The animated model is a rigged humanbody who raises his left arm up and down.

But now I want to be able to change the animation with input values.
I want to be able to change the value of the arm angle.
If i change the value for the angle i want the model movement to automatically update to the updated target.

How can i manage this? And how do I get access to the bone constraints of the arm so that it moves correctly?

Is this what you have in mind?

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Not really. I want to play the same animation from angle 0 to 50.
And I only want to have access to this angle and be able to display the current position of this angle. So a movement should be played, but the range (angle value) should be adjustable.