Change the circle red mark


I want change the circle red mark.

I want to use a flat shape instead of a circle red icon.

You can use THREE.CircleBufferGeometry() for this purpose.


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I tried but something looks like this

My code : new THREE.CircleBufferGeometry(0.10, 16, 16);

You just need to adjust it by using .lookAt()

Suppose, we know circle’s position on the sphere and the sphere’s radius, then we can do something like that:

var radius = some_number;
var position = some_vector3;

var circleGeom = new THREE.CircleBufferGeometry( 0.10, 16 );
var circleMat = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial( { color: "red", transparent: true, opacity: 0.5 } );
var circle = new THREE.Mesh( circleGeom, circleMat );
circle.position.copy( position );
circle.lookAt( position.clone().normalize().multiplyScalar( radius + 1) );
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I am trying