change shadows after vertex shader

I have a vertex shader that moves object’s vertices around, but the shadow the objects cast remain static (as if no vert shader was applied)

The objects are rendered using THREE’s geometries:

BoxGeometry, CylinderGeometry, TetrahedronBufferGeometry, ConeGeometry

then to each of them I apply MeshPhongMaterial and in material.onBeforeCompile() i set my custom vertex shader.

people online suggested to use customDepthMaterial, as can be seen in the cloth simulation example here, but that didn’t seem to work.

One difference is that the example also uses map: clothTexture in the material params and I don’t… don’t know if it’s relevant

the code is available in, and for convenience, here’s what my material factory looks like this:

make = (shaderUniforms, shader_type) =>
    let material
        case SHADER_TYPES.GRASS:
            material = this.raw_material; break;
            material = this.phong_material
    material = material.clone()
    material.needsUpdate = true;
    let {uuid} = material
    material.onBeforeCompile = (shader) =>
        shader.uniforms = {
            time: {value: 0},
        let shaders = this.shader_maker.make(shader_type)
        shader.vertexShader = shaders.vertex
        shader.fragmentShader = shaders.fragment;

        this.context.shaders[uuid] = shader

    material.customDepthMaterial = new THREE.MeshDepthMaterial({
        depthPacking: THREE.RGBADepthPacking,
        alphaTest: 0.5
    return material


You can find some elaboration about the patching of MeshDepthMaterial here: Noisy ribbons [instancing, shadows]

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