Change rest pose of model and apply skeletal animation

HI all,
I am very new to three js and am trying to visualize real time body sensor network data using a freely downloaded .fbx model using react. The problem is that the sensor network is calibrated for the N - Pose but my model is in T - Pose. In order to overcome the issue, I am trying to change the rest pose of the imported model from T-Pose to N-Pose in blender and then exporting it to load in Three js boilerplate. Though the changed pose loads correctly the model distorts on applying skeletal animation. This happens maily on the upper arm bone, which I rotate to change the rest pose. Can anyone please let me know the solution to this problem? How to change the rest pose properly to get proper animation in 3 js?

Instead of exporting to FBX, please try it with glTF. Blender 2.8 has a built-in importer/exporter.

Hi thank you very much that worked but the material information has changed. I think I may have selected the wrong axis.

@followup : I have a similar .dae model in T-Pose and am trying to load it in blender in order to change to N -Pose. On importing the collada file, I am getting only bones no information about skinned mesh. Can you please help me out with this one too??? Very thankful of you

You might have more luck asking this on a blender forum.

Solved it was just loading an older version of Collada file. will be a helpful link if someone wants to follow up on this. Thank you any way…

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Hi Guys, I am not able to load .gltf models in node js. It is not able to find the url. It says cannot find property ExtractUrlBase of undefined. Can you guys help me out on this one?

GLTFLoader is not designed to work in a node environment since it depends on certain web specific APIs like XMLHttpRequest or HTMLImageElement.

In any event, the mentioned error message is probably related to the fact that you use an outdated version of three.js. You should always ensure that three.js and any files from examples are from the same release.