Change mulitple colors based on one

I have a gltf scene I want to “colorize”. So let’s say for example I want it to turn it a bit more red, so white material color would be red but the other colors needs to mix more with the red color. How can I achieve this.

Thanks in advance,

This topic may be helpful: About skybox tone change

@prisoner849 not sure to understand. Do you have a formula to change hue by color instead of degree. Let’s say for example I have color #FF00FF and change its hue by #34FF00.
How can I do this. Thnaks in advance.

Do you want to add one color to another?

@prisoner849 that could be a way of seeing this, didn’t thought about it this way.

Note that vertex colors,, and material.color are all multiplied together. If you want to tint the texture or vertex colors, you can do this with material.color. But this method can only darken the original colors, not brighten them.

For directly manipulating a color, you might find the offsetHSL method helpful. It’s often easier to make artistic adjustments to HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) values than to RGB values.

thank you for your answer instead I’ve copied a blendColor Function from SO.