Change general look of animation model using ThreeJS functions only?

I am looking for a way to easily change at run-time key aspects of the look an animation model. For example, it would be great if I could alter the hue of the entire model at run-time. Or perhaps brightness, or contrast, etc. Are there general parameters in an animation model’s objects that I can tweak at run-time to do this? Currently I have two GLTF and two FBX models, in case the model format matters. If possible, sample code would be really helpful, thanks.

Neither the format nor the animation really matter here. After you load models you will have a hierarchy of THREE.Mesh objects, each mesh has a THREE.Material of some type assigned. For glTF it’s usually MeshStandardMaterial. You can find the parameters of each material in the documentation:

MeshStandardMaterial API

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