Change FBX texture path


I am new threejs and I tried to load fbx file in my local with textures. I got the files from customer where the textures path by default with some folder path. So while loading fbx, corresponding textures are automatically trying to load from some default path which I have one in my local system. But my question is now I am having fbx files and textures in external server. So while loading fbx from external server, still it tries to fetch the textures from local not referred to external server.

I printed the fbx object in console and noticed that by default some path is set to textures eventhough I load fbx from external server. Kindly share is there any way to change the textures path to my server path. Thanking in advance.

You can try to use LoadingManager.setURLModifier() for this use case. The idea is to create an instance of LoadingManager, set the URL modifier callback and then pass in the manager to the constructor of FBXLoader. More information in this existing topic: Change FBX texture or texture path

Thank you so much Mugen. I am fetching assets from Firebase storage so the fbx and textures files are stored under a folder for example Objects in Storage where each asset has token individually which may vary if we update/do changes to assets.

Now while I load fbx through fbx loader which fetched from storage, textures also will be searched in the same folder Objects. So in this scenario how we can reset the some default texture path to firebase storage path along with token?

@Mugen87 kindly help me with how I can achieve this scenario. Thanking in advance.

I’m sorry but I’ve already linked the code template for this in my last post. It seems to me you should have all information to build a solution by your own.