CDN or Storage for 3D models

I am working on a project that uses React and three.js, I want to ask for 3D models(GLTF) and videos should I use Firebase Storage or CDN for better performance of my application.

of course u can do that

The only thing that will affect the performance of your application is which storage is able to serve your files fastest. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an image file, a movie, or a 3D model.

One thing you should check is whether the storage can easily serve .glb/.gltf files. It’s possible some might be configured to only serve common files like png, jpg, mp4 etc., or you might have to configure the mime types yourself. I don’t have much experience with backend file storage so not sure how likely that is.

This forum is not the best place to ask for back end advice, however, since we are focussed on front-end three.js development. You should ask questions related to back end on Stackoverflow or another forum.