Capture part of scene selected with mouse

How to capture an image bounded by selection box and save on hard disk?
I want to make a screenshot of the scene, but not the whole scene just region I choose with mouse?
Which is the easiest way, open to all options?

Go with what your OS provides out of the box.

For MacOS that’s:

<CMD>+<Shift>+<3>    ==> capture whole screen
<Cmd>+<Shift>+<4>    ==> capture rectangular area
<Cmd>+<Shift>+<4>+<Space bar>    ==> capture window (or menu)

Windows probably has similar options.

More comfort see

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Heey, thanks a lot but I wasn’t precise enough. I need to make a screenshot with javascript :smiley:

Don’t hesitate to use a search engine.

When I Google “screenshot javascript”, I get about 800 million results. Those cover different methods and there will certainly be something in it that suits your use case.

I use google, but I cannot find perfect solution. I have my canvas and some object inside. I want to make range with mouse and export only that range like png. I am not native and it is very hard to explain google what i need :smiley:

Something from the twilight zone of my mind:
patient-resonance-bws28 - CodeSandbox

Result in a new tab/window:

Used SelectionHelper from this example: three.js examples
with minor modifications.

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