Captain R, A 3D AI Humanoid

I love to do experiments/cringeyTechThings whenever I get some free time… and Captain R is one of them.

So, Capt. R, A 3D FBX model that can follow commands and Act&/Reply accordingly.

So I have used rivescript for intelligence, ThreeJs for browser 3D CG, SpeechRecognition and SpeechSynthesisUtterance to listen & reply and some mixamo’s and some custom made humanoid 3D animations and mongo is the store.

What does he know?

  • He knows almost all character movements.
  • He can play songs from different online platforms.
  • He can google.
  • He reminds me whenever I say something to remind me.
  • He can set alarms.
  • He can control the tabs which were opened by him.
  • He alerts me if I overuse youtube.
  • He can change his voice modulation and rate.

What he is learning now?

  • How to msg/call a mobile number.
  • Document scanning using a webcam.
  • Some OpenCV stuff.
  • and many more…