Can't find the right clip from a model

I’m trying to execute the animation of a model found on internet.
The expected animation is to have all the fans running. But when I tried to play the animation, it’s just the computer rotating on the X abscissa. I thought maybe its animations are somewhere else, so I logged the animation, and there is an array of tracks with all the fans in it. Being new in threejs I was wondering if anyone could help me on that.

const { actions } = useAnimations(animations, group)
  useEffect(() => {
       actions['Task 001'].play()

This is the model I use.
Computer model

Running the model (auto-converted .gltf) on gltf-viewer seems to work just fine. :thinking:

Are you sure you don’t apply the rotation yourself? Could you share a codepen / demo replicating the issue?

Yes I know, this is why I found that weird.
Yes I’m sure, I just loaded the model and use the play method without touching anything else.
I don’t think it’s possile to load 3D model in codepen. But here is what I’ve done

export const Introduction = () => {
    return (
            <Canvas className="bg-[#141B32]" style={{height: "100vh"}}>
                <OrbitControls />
                <directionalLight intensity={0.5} />
                <ambientLight intensity={2} />
                <Suspense fallback={null} >
                    <Model />
            <Loader />

and in the model, which is 4000 lines, I just made

const group = useRef()
  const { nodes, materials, animations } = useGLTF('/scene.gltf')
  const { actions, names } = useAnimations(animations, group)
  useEffect(() => {