Cannot read property 'substr' of undefined Error in importing FBX to editor

three.module.js:37324 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘substr’ of undefined
at ImageLoader.load (three.module.js:37324)
at TextureLoader.load (three.module.js:37419)
at FBXTreeParser.loadTexture (FBXLoader.js:453)
at FBXTreeParser.parseTexture (FBXLoader.js:375)
at FBXTreeParser.parseTextures (FBXLoader.js:361)
at FBXTreeParser.parse (FBXLoader.js:174)
at FBXLoader.parse (FBXLoader.js:151)
at FileReader. (Loader.js:189)

Can you please share the FBX file in this thread?

Found the problem, the exported model contains parts that are only supported by 3dmax