Can only open and run examples and programs in Microsoft Edge Fails in any other browser

I attempted to clone and download the three.js folder to then view the examples and change them to get started of how this works. However when opening the examples in chrome or firefox they fail to load and are blank screens. However when running them in microsoft edge they are able to load. I have tried to allow files access from files on chrome but that still seems to not load the pages and examples.

It’s actually better to host them on a local web server to avoid all security issues. When you download the repository, navigate into the root directory and then execute npm i && npm start. This command will automatically install all dev dependencies, build the lib and run a local web server. The only thing you have to ensure is to install node.js on your system.

Maybe try a boilerplate,

git clone
cd Three.js-TypeScript-Boilerplate
npm install -g typescript
npm install
npm run dev

Repo :