Can ObjLoader load an .obj file from anywhere in the file system?

I have a file foo.obj that is located in an arbitrary directory in the file system (/tmp/foo.obj)
I found out that the file needs to be in or below the server.document-root dir (where index.html is) .
If I’m trying to load from the directory /tmp/ I get an error message:

> three.js:31803 GET http://localhost/tmp/foo.obj 404 (Not Found)

If I move the file into the root directory of my web server (e.g. /var/www/html) the file loads ok.

If the .obj file is within a zip file, I can load the zip file (via a ZipLoader package, that uses the File API) from anywhere in the file system, e.g. /tmp/, and extract foo.obj from the zip file.

Can I load the .obj file from anywhere in the file system, using the File API similar to how I load the zip file?


Just for clarification: OBJLoader should only be used to load files from a webserver since it internally uses THREE.FileLoader which is based on XHR.

However, you can use the File API similar to the editor. There was a similar question some days ago at stackoverflow. I suggest you study my related answer and implement a similar approach: