OBJLoader doesnt always load objects

Hello to all,
The Objectloader alwas load the model when i use brackets live view wich has a slow start

when i just double click the index.html file the
Objectloader doesnt load the model

i think its because the website opens faster when i doubleclick it
but what can i do

var loader = new THREE.OBJLoader();
loader.load('spider.obj', function(object) {
    object.rotation.z = 0;
    object.rotation.x = -10;
    object.position.z += -110;
    object.position.y = -0;

It’s not recommended to open websites from file since you run into security policy issues. Hence, it’s recommended to always use a local web server like explained here:


Thanks im new to javascript so i havant known that file policy doesnt allow that have tried it with a web server and it works!!
Thanks my question is solved