Can I store the result of shaders in a texture

In webGL2, can I store the result of shaders in a texture and then use it in another shader via uniform sampler2D?
As in openGL version #460

If possible, I would like to avoid rendering in a separate scene in each new interval, which would otherwise be necessary because the texture changes over time.

It would be enough if I could overwrite a pre-initialized texture with a shader. I would even prefer that.

I need this for the project Phil Crowther and I are doing together. I already created a seamless multithreading quadtree ocean.
We are currently working on IFFT waves and it is elegant to work as much as possible in the GPU. The result will then be a nice big LOD ocean for everyone.

Not a perfect answer, but you can try to do it in the same scene with two camera.
like the dynamic cubemap example, except you hide the shader quad/camera somewhere.

I’m very interested if a better answer exist, all others examples (reflector/mirrors shaders) seem to use the same render target trick.