Can I make a container using three js elements or do I need to use Blender?

I just started learning r3f and I’m wondering if I can create this kind of container with button animation using three js elements or do I still need to use blender? If it is possible with three js elements, I would be grateful if you could write a sample code of implementation.
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That’s what I did

You can do it in code… but it’s gonna be a bunch of code.
The reason we use blender is because it’s designed to edit 3d models, and helps separate the app logic from the models themselves.
For the buttons you could use a bunch of little boxes… one for each button… write code to randomly make them blink, etc. Make more boxes for the other parts… etc.
So yea. you can do it in code, but if you want to get good at threejs, you reaaallly want to learn how to use some 3d modeller, (ideally blender but really anything that can export to a format threejs can load. (gltf,glb, fbx, etc…). It opens up a lot of possibilities.