CameraHelper can render at false positions when not in root of scene

Given the following scene tree

  • Scene
    • Group
      • Camera
      • CameraHelper

When the Group is rotated, CameraHelper will render false position for the camera unless the CameraHelper is in the root of the scene.

In the screenshot below is a visualisation of the above, albeit with 3x cameras plus red spheres placed at the same position as the cameras. Only the CameraHelper is drifting.

In this screenshot, where I log with getWorldPosition on Camera and CameraHelper, we can see that the rotation has actually exaggerated the position.

Why is this? The docs on CameraHelper mentions nothing about it having to be outside any transforming parent.

This makes the CameraHelper quite risky for use as a helper as it can introduce false debug information unless you are careful where you place them.

CameraHelper needs to be a child of the scene. It’s best if the documentation is updated to highlight this fact.

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