Camera Zoom / Dolly initial Position

I have a scene with a camera that can zoom in and out.

I can not figure out how I can set the inital zoom value for the camera to be maximum zoomed out.

Whe the scene gets loaded, I am relatively close to the wall, but I can zoom out with the mousewheel. I want to start in this position that I only can zoom in at the beginning. How can I achieve this? I can’t change the values for maxDistance, because then the I can move out of the room…

try to set the initial position of your camera
actually it’s in world center (line 50):

and is very near to your target (line 132):, 0, -0.2);

If your max distance is 2.2 (line 124), and your target z is -0.2 , your max distance starting camera should be:

Thank you so much. I didn’t see the relation between these two values.

The other Problem is, that I can not get closer to the paintings on the wall. I can not set the minDistance to a negative value. So the other solution would be that the camera looks to the outside of the scene, not to the center. Then the maxDistance would be the value that is relevant for the distance to the wall, but I can not figure out how to rotate pointing direction of the camera.

Your camera will stop at your controls.minDistance from your target… this is a fact

For your space exporation you need something more coplex, as changing dinamically your

You could evaluate to change camera target after click on a piece.
Here is a more complex custom behavior

If you desire an easy way you can try to change FOV
fov example