Camera Method not Exactly Working

Hello and good day.
I am currently trying to apply an effect putting 2 geometries in front of camera in a 3D scene.
The current effect is this one:


It is super great the effect but there is a problem. The scenes are rotating and the vectors of the geometries sometimes come forward. Like this


I am just adding to the camera 2 boxgeometries to create this effect. Is there any way around this without editing the 3D scene?

Best, Luis

Maybe it’s better to use a postprocessing effect that will put two stripes or use two scenes and two cameras (one is your current (boxes + perspective camera), the other is just a scene with two sprites/planes/something else and an orthographic camera).
See this example about how to use two types of camera to combine the result, and order of rendering.

Thank you prisoner849!!
Best, Luis