BoxHelper not working after renderer change to effectComposer renderer

I am using three js editor source code. in that I am trying to add postprocessing effects like SSAO, Outline etc. After SSAO add BoxHelper removed.

Without SSAO:

Object is selected but after renderer change its not appearing:

var composer = new EffectComposer(editor.renderer); // WebGL Renderer which has BoxHelper (which working fine)

var ssaoPass = new SSAOPass(editor.scene,, 771, 550);

ssaoPass.kernelRadius = 12;
ssaoPass.minDistance = 0.005;
ssaoPass.maxDistance = 0.2;
ssaoPass.output = SSAOPass.OUTPUT.Default;



Sorry, but what have shared so far is not sufficient to investigate your issue.

I have create a live example that uses SSAOPass and TransformControls and everything works as expected:

Note that it’s actually your responsibility to provide such a fiddle so it’s easier for the community to help. I suggest you try to update the live example so it’s possible to reproduce your issue.