Bowling mini-game with Rapier physics

Been fiddling with Three.js and Blender for years, but never really built anything with it. Now I’ve learnt about Rapier physics engine and it got me curious.

Here’s a bowling mini-game I’ve built with Three and Rapier BBowling

I never tried in-browser physics libraries before, so I was surprised to see that on mobile collision detection work much worse. I think the reason is that mobile browsers can downgrade requestAnimationFrame to run at 30FPS and thus collision check becomes less precise, which requires bumping up a number of steps in continuous collision detection.

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Needs some work!
The pins get cleared before the ball makes it down the track…

Shoot harder!

I got 10 first go. Beginners luck.
Ball so slow, it actually got pulled by the gate and knocked down all the pins for me.

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