Blender Terrain to Explore in First Person - A Photogallery Project

Hello everyone !
I have a GLTF terrain exported from Blender and I’m trying to make a First person camera that explores the map at the ground level of the terrain (it has altitude).

I was trying to catch the actual coordinate of the camera and the coordinates of the ground/terrain and make some math in order to keep the camera position at a certain level. But I do not know how to do it or if it is the right way to handle it.
Any suggestions ?

Maybe you can get some inspirations from this official example:

I suggest you closely study the implementation of animate().

Thanks a lot Mugen.
I’ll get back to this thread in case I need help :smiley:

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I finally came up with a solution by following your suggestions.
I did manage to get the camera follow and land on the terrain, but it only work when I walk downhill (because, I guess, it lands on something).
When I try to walk uphill at some intersection it falls. How can I fix it ?