Binding control / Custom contol with Orbit Control

i have a model i want to control with a custom control component i installed namely react-cubeview
they give a callback function like below that comes back with phi and theta

 function myCustomUpdatedAngles(phi, theta){
    update main camera

How can i bind my camera and the external controller and camera so when i control any of the either, it updates the other one

im not sure if i interpret the code right but react-cubeview seems to open an extra canvas just for the control, it seems wasteful.

if you use react anyway there are ready made components for this that integrate with threejs directly:

there’s also gizmo axis, you can combine the two if you want, docs are here.

otherwise the react eco system for three has sparked a fork of three/examples/jsm for quicker pull requests and easier access for devs. the orbitcontrols expose pho and theta. you can import from stdlib and now you could control like