Best way of taking care of, well, this thing?

Hi, I’d like to ask multiple questions:

  1. I have a weird GLB model, which when I open in blender, I see a skeleton of possibly a player model and I had quite a bad time trying to position the GLB model properly to appear as a weapon you hold in any 1st person shooters. This is actually a skin previewer, however as I said I’m running into a lot of problems and if I was anyhow able to utilize this skeleton, is there a way to position my camera depending on it and other objects as well, I’m currently unable to provide the file, but it’s just bunch of green lines making up to a stick-like man model of player.
  2. What would be truly the best way to quickly load models in real time, or atleast swapping them? I can see incredible loading time differences between loading it in blender, than on my website, I’m using the basic code structure nothing more, I tried pre-loading but I think there is like 58 models I’d need to preload, not yet counting the textures, so, any ideas and if it is possible, can I stream textures, so you could see the skin in low quality and improving it as the stream moves on
  3. Um, well, I’d need to get atleast the pov correct to ask this, so, I’m looking forward to any response, thanks