Best Practise: Hide 3D Models, so no one can download and reuse this models


I have a question about obfuscating the path to the OBJ source file.

Since we want to display 3D graphics of our customers, but want to prevent these graphics from being stolen or used by others, I am now looking for a good solution with Three JS.

What are the current best practices here? Or do I have no chance to protect my models from “criminals” as soon as I want to display them on the surface?

I am grateful for every tip & trick


This has already been discussed a few times:

In short, it’s not easy and perhaps impossible if someone is really determined. If you display a 3d model on the internet then people can download it, in much the same way as if you show a video on the internet people can record it.

Probably the best and simplest approach is just to make sure that the license is clearly stated somewhere. Some people will ignore that, but you’ve got to weigh up the costs of putting huge amounts of effort into preventing this vs the costs you lose from unwanted downloads

What kind of app are you making where you think this will be a problem?

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