JSON file is more secure than DRC file, right?

I know drc file can be decoder to obj file. well someone will steal model file .

but json file can’t convert to obj file, right ?


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Thanks .It’s so complex.
I can’t do that , I’m a designer, but I noticed that secure issue that depends on like sketchfab company whether to provide protection low cost services.

Well, 2nd question : How to convert Json file to obj file ?

Try to import the model into the three.js editor and then choose the option “Export OBJ”. However, instead of using OBJ, consider to use glTF since it’s the recommended 3D format of the project. Read the following guide for more details:


I’m look for how people will hack my model from download json file. My model have stolen by other people , I’m very angry.

if you put it online and make it public… it’s available to everyone

you probably want some solution where you’re streaming a realtime 3d rendering from a server, based on clients input, that way, your model is behind a wall