Best light-weight, mobile-friendly globe addon with tappable markers?

We want to add a globe to our website that should be spinnable in the x direction (not necessarily zoomable) with nice inertia, and where we show a couple of markers that can be tapped to reveal some infos about the locations (in a popup). We’re using React as the fron-end library.

Also important for us: the globe’s appearance should be customizable, at least by providing a simple texture that we prepare in photoshop (doesn’t have to support separate layers).

I’ve seen react-globe-gl, but this seemed to be a bit heavy (8.37mb unpacked according to npm; however one of the samples only reported 2mb total download). Also saw react-globe, which is under 200k, but doesn’t support mobile devices well (taps on markers fail).

Is anyone aware of a lightweight library that can run smoothly on mobile websites? If it’s not React, that’s also fine.