Best camera control

Hello Everyone,
I need a small help. I just want know whether there are any better camera controls other than orbit control, pointerlock control, drag control etc… Currently I am using orbit controls. I just want to confirm whether orbit controls is the best one or is there any other?What I need to do with the camera control is to rotate and view each and every sides, zoom to the curser etc…All these functions are working but still I want to confirm. Please help me…its for my client’s project, I have to make it perfect.

I think orbirControl is suitable and best for what you need

For me, the OrbitControls is almost always the best solution.

It isn’t a complete solution when you simply just add it to your project.
You can add a few event handlers to make it suit your use case better.

In this example, I do several things with the orbit controls.

  • I add a dblclick event handler which changes the, so that now when I zoom, it zooms to the place that was doubleclicked.
  • I have buttons on the left, which modify the and camera.position
  • I have annotations in the 3d view, which when clicked, also modify the and camera.position to presets
  • I also enableDamping to get that smoother transition when orbiting.

You can view the source using the <> button in the view

This works perfect for me. I can navigate to all parts of the house using the orbit controls plus a few more custom additions.

It depends on the use case of your program really what is appropriate.

Thank you…

Thank you…I also think orbit control is the best solution…