Beginner - Draw a fictive line between an object and HTMLElement/Camera Hack


This subject is a part of the same project as the following threads (it’s not necessary to read them to understand the problem) :
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Today this project works. But I want to add a simple fonctionnality.

First, have a look at this image :

It is currently a view of the project : I’m making a stock-generator for enterprises, so I hided confidentials informations. Using the image : I’m searching to link the DIV (Window on the left) to the red box (clicked) with a simple line, as below :

I didn’t think any tools in the THREEJS Documentation to permit to do it. So I have some questions :

Is it possible to link inside-canvas items generated from THREEJS (OpenGL) to external-canvas HTMLElement ?
If no, is it possible to draw a line from cube’s location to camera’s location with offsets to place the line exactly on the right of the div ? By that way, I think it’s possible to make it. But what THREEJS function should I use to draw this line ? And is that possible to update the line to follow the div even if the camera moves ? Can it cause it to pop out if it reach the maximum FOV of the camera ?

Maybe this topic will give you some idea :slight_smile: