Backend advices for a model configurator

Hello, I’m trying to create an online 3d model configurator.

I chose the MERN stack for the projet. But i’m a bit confused about backend and how to manage the model configuration storage.

Let’s say I put 3 models on my site. Should i copy this models in a folder for each customer with a different id because they will have all a different configuration ? Because this way I’m going to need a lot of storage space on my server if I have a lot of customers.

For the model configuration , i imagine i need to store the various configurations in a json in the database and apply them when the model is loaded ?

If you have any advice on how to proceed, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Irrelevant as long as you can store JSONs
  • As JSONs
  • Just have configuration fields + URLs leading to the models on your server. Fetch models + fetch JSON of the configuration, then recreate the materials and setup of the model on frontend only.

If models consist of many parts than can be configured / transformed / added / removed - split them into small building blocks, each having it’s own URL that fetches only that small part. Then once again - just fetch the parts you need for specific user and recreate the complete model on the frontend.

Ok, so I just need to have a single model on my server that I load when a user requests it. To configure it, I’m going to retrieve a json from my database that will send me all the information about the different configurations.