AXF texture file format


I would have liked to know if the support of the AXF format was planned?

No, this format was never considered so far. Can you please explain what AXF is and why its important to you?

AXF (Appearance eXchange Format) is a file format representing a material with a realistic rendering in a single file. I develop a showcase for my company that has just integrated this format into an ADA application and I am asked if I can integrate this file format with Threejs.

TBH, it does not look like a texture file format. More like a standard for material definitions similar to MTL.

I guess you have to write a custom loader that parses such a file and returns a material (or probably an array of materials) as the result.

Thank you for your reply,
yes it is a file that represents ‘all’ the textures of a material. There is a possibility to extract all the textures separately but the correct rendering of the diffuse is random.

I turned to X.rite also to ask them the question of the problem of rendering their diffuse, I would keep you informed.