Avoid uvmapping?


Is there a way to avoid uv mapping for an heavy model?
Going procedural would be great, as I just need to recreate a statue in concrete material. Nothing fancy but applying a texture and uv mapping it takes 30Mb due to the whole lots of points I cannot remesh more (the original file is ten times that size already. I worked a lot on this model).

The problem is that I don’t know where to start.

It is just a concrete material I need to replicate.

Thanks for your ideas!

sure, if your material does not use any textures, you can just remove uv coordinates. if it does, you will have to find a way to calculate uvs from positions in the shader first, and it will not be easy for complex mesh.

One of solution is using triplanar mapping.

Ah nice.

I will dig it and report tomorrow :slight_smile: Thanks

It worked! Thanks !

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