Autostart sound from external link


I notice that since several days on google chrome sound autostart is not existent anymore.
In my case I have to pause the panorama (click in the middle of the page) and start again.
Not a solution - because the sound is not synced with the moving of the pano anymore.

It is very random - on some browsers sound starts automatic - PC and smartphone work different - it is a nuisance.

Maybe I programmed the sound system wrong - I don’t know.
My website works perfect on my PC - but on different browsers on different smartphones it is a sort of gambling - you never know if you are lucky enough to get the wanted effects.

Any idea, how I can make the sound autostart without programming a start stop button ?

easy enough, you just need to contact all the browser vendors and convince them to make the feature work like it did in 2010 again you cant.

Probably I could - using the same way I added browser fullscreen for smartphones simulating an F11 keystroke.

But I added a Startbutton within the last hour and it looks as if it is working on all tested smartphones linked from all sources where it didn’t before.
If the majority obviously needs it - they shall have it

nice, usually people just scroll the page 1px down, and the phone hides the browser bar

But you may have the info bar with the connection and battery info left
And when you interact - move the pano right left up down, what you can do on the panopage you have the bars back.And there are navigation zones at the borders of the screen (see help page) which will interfere anyway.
So you need a solution that ends full screen only with the phone navigation buttons :wink: