3D Music Visualizer

I made a small music visualizer using tracks from some of my artists friends, i will keep updating it with lighting to make it look even better, it works on Android but not iOS, i still have to see why.

You can check it out here:


This doesn’t work for me - I get the message The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resume (or created) after a user gesture on the page.

Oh, that is weird, what browser are you using?
This is because of the new media restrictions with media playback on some browsers, it happened to me before on Android but i thought the problem was long gone.

The latest Chrome beta on Windows. Works fine on Firefox though.

hey, I’m having the same problem on mobile Safari now as well. And it’s already bypassing Chrome’s autoplay policy standards, so it is really just a mobile safari issue. Tried to load 3 different formats already and still nothing, did you arrive to any conclusion? Thanks

Ok, this article made it for me: https://hackernoon.com/unlocking-web-audio-the-smarter-way-8858218c0e09

The function at the end is all you need.

Basically, it’s even a different approach with iOS Safari altogether. While in desktop Chrome, you need any event outside the scope of the player function to make it work, Safari needs explicit user input to do so, after audio loading. The function attaches a touche vent to the whole document, and once the screen is pressed once, you can unlock the power of that file…even mp3 that is.