Auto-generated Bounding Boxes for animated object

I’m looking for a particular demo I once saw online of an auto-generated bounding boxes system. (Sadly I lost the link)

It was an animated Dinosaur (probably T-Rex) and it had a control menu to select the type of Bounding Boxes you would’ve like to use for the self-generated boundaries: AABB, OBB, Convexhull

In that same menu, you could also select the type of rate for the auto-update, e.g. how many frames per second would this boxes re-calculate (cause it was an animated object)

You could also select the amount of precision/quantity of boxes. The idea was to fill the dinosaur with multiple tine boxes, so it could compute more precision against clicks or collisions.

By any chance does anyone has the link of this demo? Or any similar one from what I describe.

I think you’re looking for this. Its one of the demos from three-bvh-mesh

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Yes!!! That’s the one! I knew someone would have it.

Thank you very much!