Applying morphTargetInfluences(Shape keys) to InstancedMesh

My goal is to make instances of a single glb (like 1,000 counts) all looking different using morphTargetInfluences.
So I made InstancedMesh in three.js and put glb geometry having morphTargetInfluences and then finally errors fire.
I want to know the reason and figure out the alternative way to come true my goal.

also I found a method ‘updateMorphTargets’ in InstancedMesh.js but it’s empty.

InstancedMesh doesn’t support animation.:frowning:
You could perhaps output animation frames to a texture, and write a custom shader to read them, but its really complicated.

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Hi thrax! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer. I can now give up.
Do you have any example or references for the instancedMesh with texture custom shader animation?
It’s okay if you don’t have that

I do not… I only know that I’ve heard of some games/devs that have done this.

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No worries :smiley: Thank you!!