Apply a CubeMap material to a Sphere (not as a reflection)?

Hello three.js gurus,
I’m seeing great blog posts like this one that describe how to apply a CubeMap reflection to a sphere via CubeCamera and a shader material. Cool.

Is it possible to apply a CubeMap material to a sphere directly, not as a reflection?

The reason I ask is that I’ve done this wayyyy back when Flash was cool, in Flash (oh man). It eliminated polar pinch and allowed for use of higher resolution textures. Why settle for a single 8K wide ECE panorama image when you can apply six 8K wide/high images as a CubeMap for 32K wide?

As I type, this answer may do the trick? I’ll try it out tonight:

Thanks for taking a look in advance. :slight_smile:

One thought (per link above): Create a sphere model with UV map that accepts 6 cube textures.

just the opposite, I tried to apply a sphirical map to a cubebox, and "It eliminated polar pinch".
I hope this helps.
this is full code and results:

@xiaomingTang that’s cool!! At the least it opens possibilities and offers hope. Thanks for sharing.

I’m planning on experimentation time tonight. I’ll report if something comes of it. :sun_with_face: