Any ideas about implementing this kind of effect?

Any ideas how to create this kind of particles and animations??

You mean all of it, or just the god particle effect?

If the first one - you’d have to be more specific which part, since there’s a lot of stuff happening on Lusion’s website.

If the second one - iirc, it’s based on this experiment by mlperego. There’s quite a lot of ways of doing it, some trivial some more fun - as an example. In the end it boils down to creating a point cloud using either 2D sprites with faux normals, or instanced meshes, then adding fancy animations to them - preferably on the GPU.


Thanks for reply, definitly I was talking about god particle effect. Btw, thanks for the reply!

May I ask you addtional informations about this god praticle effect? I’ve tried to search this kind of movement animation assosiate wigh keyword “god particle” but couldnt find any… What is the assosiate keyword which can I find thoses kind of movement effect?

I think the behavior of those particles is just an attractor that move towards a moving object? Might be mistaken but that’s what it looks like to me at least.


That looks like several attractors. If you look closely you can see that the particles have a limited lifespan. They become smaller and less visible over time.

I used to study this particle engine intensively few years ago:

I even made my own ES6 version of this with classes and imports (because proton doesn’t seem to be being developed any further) and called it positron :grin:
Basically the little brother.
There are other particle engines for three.js but you can already see the effect of attractors on Proton examples.
In any case, you will have to work a little more with a more highly developed particle engine.