Animation to delete an object from the 3D scene on click

I want to remove a object / geometry (simple cube and spheres ) from the scene whenever I click (obviously through raycaster) how ever is there any sattisfactory animation or effect that I can apply to look better ?

Define “satisfactory animation”.

Anyway, here are a few ideas, some are easy to implement, some are not:

  • the object fades into transparent
  • the object shrinks into nothing
  • the object flies far far away
  • the object explodes into pieces
  • the object melts down
  • the object turns into fog
  • and so on

I would appreciate some Demo if you have one ? while I will try to implement what you mentioned.

Please, try to implement any effect that you consider satisfactory. It could be something else, not just one of the above mentioned effects. You can start with some simple effects (e.g. shrinking the object) and later on change it to some more complex event

Here is a demo:


Check this dissolve animations you can use this :