Delete a animation from a series of animations

I have created a 3 different animations [anim1, anim2, anim3 ] for a single part of a assembly each animation moves the part on a perticular direction as shown in gif 1.

Later i want to delete the middle animation (anim 2), but not able to figure out the efficient way to do it.

I have worked on the testcases based on the online solutions for it but havent acheived the requirment.

  1. If i remove the reference of my animation 2 my animation does not play as expected.
  2. I have also used unchache methods of animation mixer but i get " Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘_cacheIndex’ three.js)" error after playing the animation.

What i am able to acheive is to create the gap in my animation sequence based on the deleted clip as you can see in gif2

but there is a jump in my animation right after my anim 1 completes .
What i want is that the part should jump only when my next animation starts playing.

If their is a efficient way for creating such effect and deleting a animation from a sequence ?