Animating fog and PerspectiveCamera

So i am wondering how to go about animating fog in my scene and also the PerspectiveCamera
here are my defaults:

          var camera, densityFog, colorFog2;
                    colorFog2 = 0xfee2ed;
                    densityFog = 0.25;
                    scene.fog = new THREE.FogExp2(colorFog2, densityFog);

camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(45, window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 1, 10000);

I am trying to tween the fog density to 0.02 and the perspective camera to 60 instead of 45

I haven’t even tried to animate the camera as i have no idea how but here is what I tried with the fog:

 tween = new TWEEN.Tween(scene.fog)
				.to({densityFog: 0.02}, 1000 )
				.onComplete(function() { }).start();
      , {
                        duration: 2,
                        densityFog: 0.02,
                        onUpdate: function () {
                            isZoomed = 0;
                            controls.enabled = false;

thank you in advance for any help
tweening libs im using: tween.esm.js and GSAP