Animate geometry states

Hello and good afternoon.
I wanted to know if it is possible to animate between geometry atributes.
My code is currently changing geometry scales and positions in space and is triggered by when I click the keyboard.
My question is if it is possible to animate from one atribute to another when I click Q and then W for example.
Best, Luis.

Um, sounds like you are looking for morph target animation. Have you tried this technique already?

Thank you very much for the fast response @Mugen87.
I am going to try it right away, but that raises me another question.
How can I trigger something with a key.event that runs on paralel like render(). The keycode event (if matches) only happens once.
Is there a way to go around this?
Checking the code in the examples atm
Thank you in advance.
Best, Luis

It’s not problem to start an animation from an event listener. Or do you mean something different? Providing a live example with your code might help to better understand your question.

Hello @Mugen87.
Tell me if you can see this, or try to understand my question
Best, Luis