Angular + ThreeJS does not work for me

Project at Angular in MS VS2017 environment. The problem with the connection Three.js.
It seems I did everything as in the original source:
npm install three --save
npm install @ types / three
Added a div element in AppComponent.html: <div #rendererContainer> </ div>
Import three.js into AppComponent.ts: import * as THREE from ‘three’;
Created, in fact, the component itself (working from the past project).
In package.json versions “three”: “^ 0.97.0” and “@ types / three”: “0.93.1”.
In the “node_modules”, too, everything is there,
but directive import * as THREE from ‘three’; generate server error (“Cannot GET /”) “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()”
Can someone help me? I looked through a bunch of materials on this topic at Google, but I didn’t find any deviations from working similar projects.

This is probably more of an angular specific config build setting.
It may be helpful for others to know what angular version you are using too as if I recall correctly, the change from angular 1 to angular 2+ has quite some changes.