Angular template for Three.js

Sample template of Angular project with Three.js:

  • Simplify new web project development with Angular and Three.js
  • This template project can be quickly used as base instead of wasting hours of going through building instructions
  • Standard Three.js library
  • SceneComponent with basic usage of scene, camera, lights, axis helper, raytracer, renderer and collada model
  • Enabled possibility to use non-moduled three.js code (eg OrbitControls and ColladaLoader). Some additional info: the things in threejs/examples/js/ haven’t been transformed to support modules yet, this makes them currently unusable from within environment such as Angular, more info: threejs issue #9562. But nothing is not possible and sample includes one of working and simple workarounds.


Project extended with a new and fresh stuff (Storybook, Angular 11, new components and features):

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It’s the Unix system from Jurassic Park!