Anatomical site creation

I’m Korean, and I don’t know much about code.

I want to make 3D anatomy available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
We created a web anatomy site.

Currently, we are entering data for each part,
There are a few problems.

  1. When you click on each part in other systems, there is not much delay, but when you click on each part in all systems, the delay is very long.
    Could you please consider the reason together?

  2. When connecting from mobile, response and loading speeds are very slow.
    Could you please think of a way to solve this?

Nice, I couldn’t see the 3D on mobile but have you seen this?

Wow. this is a really cool website. I have never heard of this before. Neat way to help explain how the human body is structured.

For the original posting…I am not too good at three.js, but I would think it would be difficult to help troubleshoot performance if you haven’t given any code or clue on what is happening currently. I imagine it could be a number of things.

Hello, very nice website :clap::clap:
I have a project just like this and I need to highlight the part i clicked on the body anatomy, how I can do that with three.js ?
should I need separate 3D module for each mussel for example??
Can you help me please, thanks!

The part you want to highlight must be a separate model/child. When raycasting hits it, give it emissive color properties. That would be the easiest way.

My site also works on mobile.

I know two sites that work on the web page.

On my website, the reaction rate is slow in ‘click’ and ‘turn’ and ‘move’.
I want to solve this.

Modules and 3D models
It’s one.

Because each muscle is a different mesh, when you click on it, it changes the color of that mesh.

I think that’s right.