Adding THREE-CSGMesh or three-csg-ts made by manthrax to the examples folder

While searching for a csg solution for three I noticed that there is no built in functionality to do CSG in three.
After some research the libs, mentioned above, from @manthrax seem to be the most recent.
Are there any plans to add this or another lib to three?
Coming from Babylon I miss this feature.

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Adding an existing external lib like THREE-CSGMesh only means it is copied in examples/jsm/libs and then a new example is added. Similar was done for the physics examples that you ammo.js or cannon.js.

In any event, there is an ongoing discussion at GitHub about this topic:

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Would adding to examples/jsm/libs “guarante” that it works always with the current version of three?

Yes since changes to the library are always verified with the examples. If a demo breaks during development, it’s normally fixed before the next release.

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