Adding svg/png to imported OBJ item

I have an object file (.obj) i’m pulling in from KeyShot of, lets say a “column” and I need to apply an image, lets call it a “poster” to the “column”

I am very very very very new to three.js. I have experienced knowledge in JavaScript and development, but graphics always confuse me.

Can somebody explain to me how I would pull in a flat image file and apply it to the column?

There is a level of non-disclosure here so I cannot share any of the files. I do not have any code to share right now because I don’t actually know how to start, other than the basic tutorial where I import the .obj file.

Thanks for any help. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction, and no condescension or belittling.

The short answer is UV mapping. A 3D artist like myself would unwrap this column in my modeling app. This is how we are able to apply textures to virtually anything; machinery, human faces… anything. You should be able to unwrap this column to a UV in Blender (not my weapon of choice, but it is free and there are tons of tuts). If you do use Blender, might as well export to three JSON rather than OBJ.